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The Village Garden Event Space
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Rocky and Sophia post are the owners of The Village Garden in Redondo Beach CA. Both are local, being born and raised not 5 miles from the garden. They attended local schools, spent countless days on local beaches and grew up living the southern California surfer lifestyle. They still live only minutes from the garden and beach in a small home with dogs, cats, pigeons, quail, a chicken and, of course, falcons.
You will find Sophia, Rocky, or both (and, of course Sonny, Robbie and whichever falcon is being trained) attending to the garden most days. The garden reflects the relaxed, creative vibe that they openly share every day.

Spring of 2008 the Village Garden was born. On that first day in 08 the garden was a dirt lot- just dirt and trash. No fences, no mailbox, just dirt. We started with a clean palet without a solid plan or even image as to what we wanted to create. Taking the project one day at a time the garden defined itself and shortly became what it is today. There was never a "vision" for the garden. All of the work was done "in house" with very little outside influence or input. None of us are skilled craftsmen or consider ourselves artistic. In fact most out the creative spirit of the artistic pieces you see in the garden had never even been thought of prior to opening. It is our belief that the space itself brings out this interesting creativity. Take a few moments and step inside The Village Garden. Let it wash over you, breath, relax, then comment on whether or not this space is special.
We've had considerable interest in renting the garden for special events. Parties, meetings, private family gatherings, book clubs, just to name a few. So in addition to The Village Garden being the coolest garden boutique ever we now offer the garden for private events.
Check us out. Come take a look. This might be the place for your next party, meeting, or whatever.
We offer a very competive rate and we can help with any details or questions you may have.

The Village Garden is way up on the "must see" list when in Redondo Beach or visiting any of the neighboring beach communities. It brings together the special bits and pieces that embody the southern California beach scene mixed with a nod to the natural and artistic world and a wink towards the off center. You really have to experience this space. It has a soul of it's own with Sophia and Rocky as the resident stewards of the magic.

Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hosting your party or event.

The Village Garden Event Space - Sophia Post
1728 S. Catalina Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Telephone: Cell: 310. 713 7678 Office; 310. 543 8801

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